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Live and self-guided courses designed to help you unlock the soul plan within—no matter where you're at with your spirituality, or who you are.

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75-minute workshop
Starts: 6:00pm EST

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90-minute workshop
Starts: 5:30pm EST

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90-minute workshop
Starts: 4:00pm EST

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Our Beginner Classes

Start learning the basics of the Akashic Records—and how to access them

At Little Soul School, our mission is to make the Akashic Records available for everyone. For those who can pay, we appreciate your support. 

Here's our bite-sized video course to get your feet wet with the Akashic Records: five videos and downloadable audio meditation to help you get started with the Records.


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Join Laura live for her introductory Akashic Record class.

  • Learn the basic truths of The Akashic Realm
  • Discover how to open your own Akashic Records
  • Watch a live Akashic Record reading 
  • Become attuned to the Akashic Record energy through a group mediation
  • Q&A with Laura
  • Video recording provided within 24 hours if you can't attend live, or if you just want to watch it again!


Enroll Now • $20

Our Intermediate Classes

Already know how to get into the Records? Take your practice to the next level

Your most pressing questions on the Akashic Records, finally answered—in 18 bite-size videos to fine-tune your practice. 

Enroll Now • $39

While accessing the Records can be attained in moments, it takes time and practice to decipher their messages and differentiate them from our ego. 

This workshop is designed to take your practice to the next level. Come and learn:

  • How to move the Akashic energy more effectively 
  • How to frame questions to the Akashic Records
  • How to ensure the information is from the Records and not your ego/you
  • Trouble getting the energy moving? Learn how to get unstuck.
  • Deeper dive into what the Akashic Realm is and is not
  • Tips for managing the persistent ego so the energy flows more easily
  • Help with the most common questions from what is my purpose to how to heal relationships.
Enroll Now • $59

Our Advanced Classes 

Master the Akashic Records from the inside-out—a comprehensive educational approach to the wisdom and philosophy of the Records

The complete Akashic Record Certification curriculum in a comprehensive self-study program. Looking for an all-in-one course to accelerate your growth in the Records, but aren't ready for certification?


  • Complete Self-Study Curriculum from the Akashic Record Certification Program
  • 4 Modules / 44 Videos
  • The Nature of Everything Audiobook Collection: Laura's series of channeled Akashic wisdom
  • The Nature of Everything eBook Collection
  • "Forever" Access to the Masterclass Series
  • Bonus: Level Up! Course


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Our LIVE certification course—start healing the world and become a certified Akashic Record reader.

  • Twenty hours of live instruction with Laura, where you can ask questions, get feedback, and sharpen your skills
  • Two live, virtual weekend immersion sessions (September 14th and January 4th)
  • 4 Modules / 44 Videos
  • Sixteen hours of live practice readings to take your readings to the next level
  • Complete access to the Little Soul School Certified Mentor support group—ask questions, trade readings, have fun
  • Access to your course materials—for life
  • The official ‘Little Soul School Certificate’, upon completion of the program
  • The Nature of Everything Audiobook Collection: Laura's series of channeled Akashic wisdom
  • The Nature of Everything eBook Collection
  • And, best of all—complete and free access to all Little Soul School events and programs while you’re going through your certification—including the Still Point!


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Want More? Get Unlimited Access to a Library of Akashic Wisdom, Classes, and Meditations


Join our full library of classes, and get new Akashic wisdom monthly—right as Laura channels it. Click below to learn more about our subscription and dive even deeper into your Akashic journey.


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